Same 5 Seeds as our original Creamy, but with a wholesome Crunchy texture!

  • Nutrient Dense - Made with five delicious and healthy seeds full of the nutrients your body needs
  • Allergy Friendly - Our allergy-friendly recipe is free of the eight most common allergens
  • Energy Packed - Each serving is packed with 17 grams of plant based fats, 8 grams of protein, and only 5 carbs, making this a more nutritious option than most nut butters
  • Environmentally Friendly - Our seeds are sustainably grown with 80% less water than almonds

At Beyond the Equator, our mission is to create healthy products using unique ingredients without sacrificing on flavor. Our 5 Seed Butters are created without the most common allergens, making them a safe and healthy snack for just about everyone! You can use our nut-butter alternative in smoothies and recipes, or you can eat it with your favorite snacks, and the crunchy variety adds an extra layer of crunch and texture to make your meals more exciting. Buy your nut butter alternative from Beyond the Equator today!