Made from thinly sliced, lightly fried and seasoned plantain slices, this snack is very popular across much of South America and the Caribbean. They can easily be found pre-packaged in local grocery stores, sold by street vendors or homemade. These tasty chips have a flavour more akin to potato chips than banana chips. They can be served as appetizers, as accompaniment for guacamole, or as a healthy snack, as they are an excellent alternative to regular chips.

SS-FRUTAS makes sure to select premium quality plantain from tropical South American regions to produce delicious chips. Potassium-rich, gluten-free; with no colouring agents, artificial flavouring or preservatives, these chips are a guaranteed to be nut-free. With fewer carbohydrates, more potassium, and more vitamin C than potatoes, plantain is an ideal snack for the whole family.