Raw Premium Organic Tiger Nuts are at the heart, the beginning of every Tiger Nuts product we create and market.

Our customers like them whole, but some people tried chopping them so that they can be added to salads, Yogurt, cookies, cereal, trail mix and much more. But in all honesty it was a struggle, and they told us so!

Yes it's TOUGH to chop Tiger Nuts, in fact is virtually impossible. So we found a way to do it for you.

Of course our "Chopped" Tiger Nuts are "Gluten Free, Organic, High Fiber, Nut Free, Dairy Free High Nutrition, Low in Fats and Calories, Paleo Perfect, just like our Premium Organic Tiger Nuts, and and they taste like coconut too!

If you are serious about eating healthily, struggle with Celiacs disease, must have NUT FREE, and want to add these Chopped Tiger Nuts on top of whatever you want, or mix with trail mix,  then these are just for you.

Available Only in the USA