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  • Pure Protein contains 100% sacha inchi seeds, no flavors or sweetners. It is a little “nutty” in flavor, even though there are no nuts in this superfood.
  • Sacha inchi protein is a whole food product, not an isolate like other plant proteins that are processed with chemicals or enzymes. That means our protein is easier to digest, and you digest up to 30% more than the other isolated proteins, which pass through your system too quickly for you to digest all of it.
  • Sacha inchi protein also has a superior amino acid profile rice, pea or hemp protein.
  • Since we do not add flavors or sweeteners, our protein is delicious as a substitute for 1/3-1/2 of your dry ingredients in baked goods. Surprise your family with delicious protein brownies! You’ll have fun creating new ways to use them!
  • Pure Protein is made by lightly roasting and grinding seeds that have been cold pressed to remove most of the oil.
  • The resulting seed meal is ground into a powder that is 65% protein by weight. Every batch is tested for allergen and gluten cross contact and every harvest is tested for chemicals, heavy metals, and glyphosate.
  • Sacha inchi seeds do not grow in the USA. We source them from organic growers in Peru.