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On July 30th, 2019 The Bread Essentials became entirely Gluten Free and Nut Free. The reception of the news by the Gluten Free and Celiac community was fantastic. Confirmation of Gluten-Free Certified status, awarded by the Canadian Celiac Society as of October 1 st , 2019, meant a newly confident group of clients could come to the bakery, no longer afraid of cross-contamination.

 Today, we are working to solidify our presence as a Dedicated Gluten Free and Nut Free Bakery and a go-to source for all products GF and NF.

Come on in! Whether to find a missing tool or accessory, specialty (gluten free) flours, mixes and other ingredients to make your food at home, or to pick-up nutritious, delicious and sometimes decadent treats we have everyday at The Bread Essentials!


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