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 Corbin’s Confections is Family Owned and Operated

Growing up, Shana always watched her mother, Kathy, bake and ice wedding cakes. As she got older, Shana found a love for baking as well. She baked to relieve stress, to celebrate, or just because. Family and friends received baked goods for nearly every occasion. When Shana’s son, Corbin, was diagnosed with a life-threatening peanut and tree-nuts allergy, she baked even more to supplement class parties and events to which he was invited.

She wished there was a place Corbin could go to grab a cupcake without fear and decided, why not create a place? Her mother wanted to help, but on one condition – the bakery HAD to be gluten free because she had Celiac Disease. This planted the seed and both mother and daughter set to work testing recipes and flour combinations. The following year, the pair opened Corbin’s Confections as the area’s first and only 100 percent dedicated gluten free, peanut free and tree-nuts free bakery.