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What started as a challenge, a way to fight my way out of the depression that inevitably follows a health crisis, became a passion. How many people are there out in the world who crave an honest to goodness chewy oatmeal raisin cookie just like their grandmother baked, but are allergic to the ingredients it takes to make one? As it turns out, a lot. Unfortunately not all of the allergen free baked goods on the market today would pass the grandmother test. The truth is it’s difficult to bake great desserts without flour, butter, and milk. Very difficult. But it’s not impossible. By deconstructing each cookie, determining the cause and effect of each ingredient and their combinations, and using a basic knowledge of how molecules interact with each other during the baking process, I was able to develop recipes that taste, feel, and look as much like the genuine article as it’s possible to get them. There were failures, and they were epic, but the successes more than made up for them.


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